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2015 Dementia care mapping: effects on residents’ quality of life and challenging behavior rein German nursing homes. A quasi-experimental trial

2016 On the relationship between gingival morphotypes and different crown shape assessments rein young Caucasians

2017 Clarifying the distinction between case series and cohort studies in systematic reviews of comparative studies: potential impact on body of evidence and workload

2016 Are periodontal diseases really silent? A systematic Nachprüfung of their effect on quality of life

2017 Hemotherapy algorithm for the management of trauma-induced coagulopathy: the German and European perspective

China takes action against tuberculosis and HIV Cobalt-infection Children of female sex workers and drug users: a Bericht of vulnerability, resilience and family-centred models of care

2016 Formal support for informal caregivers to older persons with dementia through the course of the disease: an exploratory, cross-sectional study.

2015 The association between positive-negative reactions of informal caregivers of people with dementia and health outcomes article in eight European countries: a cross-sectional study.

2016 Comparison of PulsioFlex® uncalibrated pulse contour method and a modified Fick principle with transpulmonary thermodilution measurements in critically ill patients

International womens drug rehab in alabama Journal of Nutrology International Journal of Nutrology (IJN) aims to publish a wide range of articles that describe scientific mechanisms, efficacy, and safety of useful content dietary interventions rein the context of disease prevention and health benefits.

2015 Successful collaboration rein dementia care from the perspectives of healthcare professionals and informal carers rein Germany: results from a focus group study.

2016 Impact of intercostal paravertebral neurectomy on postthoracotomy pain syndrome after thoracotomy hinein lung cancer patients: a randomized controlled trial

2016 Individualized formulation-ledinterventions for analyzing and managing challenging behavior of people with dementia - an integrative Nachprüfung.

2017 Social health and Dementia: A European consensus on the operationalisation of the concept and directions for research and practice.

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